May 30, 2006

File d'attente

Date : 30/05/2006.

Lieu : Bureau des étrangers, Préfecture de la Haute Garonne, 1 Place Saint Etienne à Toulouse.

Contexte : Récépissé de demande de changement de statut (3ème d'affilé depuis octobre) expire le lendemain. Et puis de toute façon, lorsqu'ils te la fileront ta carte de séjour, la vraie, tu vas devoir lancer la procédure de renouvellement. Alors à quoi bon?

Réflexions :

Me voilà parti pour trois heures d'attente.
Heureusement que j'ai ce bouquin. Et puis j'ai des corrections de TP à faire.
J'ai de quoi faire!
Il est 2h30. c'est la quatrième fois que je fais cette même queue qui ne sert à rien depuis Octobre. Ils doivent pas connaître Markov et ses chaînes dans le coin.
Pourquoi n'y a t il qu'une seule personne pour vérifier les dossiers, aiguiller les gens et donner les renseignements?
Et pourquoi cette même personne va demander des renseignements au bureau du chef de service?
Pourquoi le chef de service ne sort jamais pour voir qu'il faudrait quelques embauches dans son service? Qu'il y a effectivement plein d'étrangers à Toulouse, pas assez de personnes pour traiter leurs dossiers et pas assez de chaises pour les faire patienter.

Un gars se greffe au milieu de la file. Il a trop l'air d'un libanais. Pourquoi je ne fais jamais pareil? Ca m'éviterait d'attendre tout ce temps pour rien. De toute façon ce que je doit faire, ça va me prendre 5 minutes, montre en main.
Et puis de toute façon personne ne se plaint. Le gars a grillé dix personnes. Silence radio. Et puis merde, tu vas pas en faire une histoire. Rentre dans le tas, sans faire de bruit et attends.
Brebis... Troupeau.

Il est 3h30, j'arrive enfin au pre acceuil. "pre" accueil! L'accueil sera dans 1 heure?
"Votre carte a été éditée, elle est toujours à Paris (vive la décentralisation), vous serez convoqué dans une quinzaine de jours" (i.e. dans quinze jours, rebelote ... file d'attente, réflexions markovienne et remarques xénophobes sur le nombre d'étrangers à Toulouse)
"Et je peux renouveler mon récépissé"
"Voilà votre numéro, bon courage!"
Ca, le courage, il va m'en falloir.

4h30, il reste dix personnes avant moi, et ce gosse gueule depuis tout à l'heure. Fous lui une claque qu'on en finisse. Sa mère l'emmène. Moment de répit! Elle ne veut pas qu'il pousse sa poussette. Et c'est reparti.

5h, c'est quand même des fonctionnaires, ils finissent à quelle heure normalement? 5h? peut être. En tout cas il reste plus grand monde, c'est bientôt fini.

5h30, c'est bon il reste plus que moi,
"Monsieur vous venez?"
d'un ton très cynique (désespoir) : "oui bien sûr"
5h35, "voilà votre récépissé, attendez une convocation d'ici quinze jours"
c'est cela ouais!

May 25, 2006

عيد المقاومة و التحرير


SMS from a friend : 3am biysir shi bil jnoub
SMS to friend : 3amaliyét?
SMS from friend : la2, 2akbar min heik bi ktir...

You go to the computer room to check news sites, CNN, Jazeera. News talk of abandoned posts in advanced strategic areas by the SLA and the Israelis. Stuff one couldn't imagine being possible just few months earlier. Hizballah fighters sweeping the area and occupying the army posts, one after the other.
Cross fingers, you hope everything will go right. The last thing we need now is frictions that would lead to an explosion.

24/05/2000 :

Oh god it is really happening. They said July. You were going to be in lebanon in July. They waited for you to leave, and they began withdrawing. But hey, you should be happy. All the stuff you did on March 14th (pre 2000 March 14th, of course). The flyers you were handing to passer by, the activities you organised. Well here it is, the Israelis are leaving. A bigger (much bigger) Arnoun is being freed.

25/05/2000 :

It is now official. They completed withdrawal (or at least they thought they did).

Walla w talla3nahoum barra.

(Now you would think the song is Walla w tala3nahoum barra - Ahmad Ka3bour. Well not really. I'm sure you won't be deceived.)

و يلّي نسي جمّول يمّي
يعدم حياتو

25/05/2006 وقفة قضاة مصر

أنا اليوم مصري بقدر ما أنا لبناني. كلّنا في الهمّ شرق

May 15, 2006

bribes de souvenir

Following all the university-related-nostalgia in the lebanese blogosphere, well i have no Lebanese-university-related-nostalgia, still i have my lebanon-related-nostalgia.

hence, Souwar :

Delivery min 3and l 2al3a, 2al3a, BUC

Méza, Berdawni, Za7lé

Mana2ish, almost every corner in beirut

kalawy ya foul, verdun, 2edém béb l lycée

Ka3k traboulsi, verdun, 2edém béb l lycée

knéfé b 2ashta, l midén, 2ehden

knéfé bjebné, Mounir, Abu shékir

Sh3aybiyét, Fouad, Abdel Nasser

2atayif, Masri, TJ

Haléwét l jébén, 7alléb (which 7alléb?), Tripoli

(now we're done eating)

2arghileh, 2ahwét l Jamal, 3ein l mraysseh

Tarnib, 2ahwét l Jamal, 3ein l mraysseh

Likha, Villamar, Khaldeh

400, 7amém l3askaré, manara

euuuuuu... basra!, Nédé l Doubat, Kaslik

épreuve de natation du Bac, ATCL, Jounieh

third-brevet-day-late-wake up, 3omar faroukh, cola

l dawra l3arabiyeh, 1997?, l madiné l riyadiyeh

last day in lycée, june 1999, lycée verdun

'sheera birth, 'sheera camp in 1999, Jéhliyeh

5/9/1999, beirut international airport, beirut
And on this day Lebanese time stopped in my frame of reference, and so do my Souwar.

May 13, 2006

كلّنا في الهمّ شرق

كلّنا في الشرق أهلُُُ
كلّنا معشرٌٌ واحد

May 11, 2006

INSA prevails

I received this photo this weekend and would like to share it with its story.

A legend is told in INSA's lonely evenings (INSA is an engineering school in Toulouse):

Once upon the time, during one of INSA's lonely evenings, some INSA students (unknown soldiers) went to Supaero's campus with their Renault 4 (some specimens can be seen in background), attached one of Supaero's Jets they expose (Supaero is yet another engineering school in Toulouse) to their cars and brought the "trophy" back to the INSA campus, painted it in pink, tagged it with some graffitis and left it there for the world to see.

Before this weekend, i thaught the legend was only a legend.

Well, the legend proved not to be a legend after all.

May 2, 2006

In and Around: Beigbeder's "99 Francs" aka "14.99 €" aka "9.99 £"...

The names have been changed to protect the guilty

Beigbeder is a french "intellectual"
he used to work as an advertising executive at Young and Rubicam until he got fired after (for) publishing his "99 Francs". Now he's a writer and a publisher. He can lately be seen on Michel Drucker's show on Canal+, Le Grand Journal.

99 Francs is a slightly autobiographical slightly fictional novel (a new genre i just invented) in which Beigbeder tries to point out, cynically, the illnesses of advertising. The ending is a little bit overstretched, but the reading is quite intersting.

Now i'm not going to review the book, i wanted to point out some intersting stuff i read.
This isn't the first anti advertising pamphlet i come about. Several Indymedias, NGOs and blogs shout it quite loud.
Advertising is everywhere and is presented as necessary per se. As is the ambient cosumption that is supposed to make economy turn round (Keynes?).
I have very few knowledge of economics, what i know is that people are invited to become cosumerists. People are invited to buy and they often buy stuff they don't need (the garbage bag) stuff they were made to think they need but they don't really need.
I always thaught and still think that free will exists, and that an advertisement is not the main criteria on wich i base my definition of happiness. But is it really true? it is said that we are subject to 350000 advertisement between birth and our 18 year birthday. The figures are overwhelming, how can i really talk about free will if my favourite chocolate bar has always been kit kat. and this goes as far as i can remember. Is it because i love it or was it because of an advertisement i saw when i was 3 years old.
Somwhere in the begining of the book : "Tout s'achète : l'amour, l'art, la planète Terre, vous, moi." And this can be so true, mnedfa3 7a2o, mnishteri. Advertisement became the new world order and if we wish this to be revoked, for a whole new order to be, a world order of social justice where the average american (or french or german or canadian or lebanese) does not cosume more than 9 average chinese (or nepali or...).

Until then ...

(thanx Amal for your drawing inspired the following)

...يا عمال العالم
Have a break...
Have a Kit Kat.