May 29, 2007


ناس الغيوان
Canon EOS 350 D - May 2007 - Toulouse, France


nightS said...

sho hayda?!
shal aw sho?
nice though

أمل said...

You reminded me of the open Palestinian day we used to have once a year before "political" activities were put to hault.

Where did you find those little ones?

أمل said...

"plotical" activities at the university that is.

أمل said...

I'm not gonna do any spelling correction

Mo said...

those little thingies are cute necklaces sold 1 euro a piece
منشان القظية

well, this weekend, like each year, there is what they "le forum des langues du monde" which is a very interesting manifestation organised here in toulouse

and for two years now the GUPS (general union of palestine students) have their "plotical" stand there and that is where i found them.

Anonymous said...

those remind me of necklaces min el mo3ta2al..the best gift I ever got